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James Phillips - From Rowing to Triathlon

by Foxy on November 20, 2017

James has been took up triathlon in 2014 after a years of competitive Rowing, quickly immersing himself in the challenges of a new sport (or 3!). After completing his first local triathlon James quickly moved on to bigger races, qualifying, racing and winning a number of medals at World and European Championships in short course triathlon (Sprint + Olympic Distance). This year James moved his focus and dipped his toes in Middles Distance (1.9km Swim / 90km Bike / 21km Run) triathlon, he loved the experience and finished the year 2nd at the National Championships.

After gaining a Bsc Sport and Exercise Science James has been using his scientific background to help others in endurance sports, he's spent time living and working at training camps in Europe and currently works at HURTBOX, a unique indoor cycling studio.


My go to racing nutrition is a mixture Chocolate Outrage GU gels and Torq Strawberry Yoghurt gels (4 on the bike, 2 on the run for a Middle Distance).

After all my hard training sessions and races I love to mix up some SIS Chocolate REGO with skimmed milk and ice.

Before all my key sessions I keep my nutrition as usual but a double espresso usually gets the engine going!

 Favourite Session:

Usually 10 days out from a big race I'll do a set like 8x1km on a grass track, it hurts like hell but once I've got that in the bank I know I'm ready to race (If it goes well!).