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Komfuel Welcomes Eliot Ward

by Foxy on January 23, 2018

Name: Eliot Ward

Gender: Male

DOB: 21/4/1991

Hometown: Coleshill, Birmingham

Years riding bikes: 24

Discipline:  Road, Criterium, MTB

Instagram:  @eliotward1

Facebook: e1iotward

Bikes, bikes, bikes, I was born at a bike race. My existence has been spent on and around bikes; the hours I have spent with a bike between my legs are countless. It’s natural.  It’s obsessive. It’s what I do and it’s what my friends and my loved ones do too.


I was born on 21st April 1991 and my birth actually initiated at a bike race.  My family travelled the world with motocross, my cousin being a British professional rider and a good one at that.  All I knew from the outset was a bike and travel, spending more time in a motor home in random parts of the world than in my actual home.  I was bought my first bike aged two and it did not leave my side, I fell immediately in love. I say ‘side’ in the full sense of the word too because I would not entertain the idea of stabilisers but could not initially ride without them! This was soon resolved by mum who threatened to put them on, so on I got and off I went and there is the beginning. 

A bike with an engine

This was inevitable, as you can imagine, so following in my cousins’ footsteps for my 4th birthday I received my first motorbike.  After all the time I had spent around motocross riders I was now a rider myself, wow! I travelled and raced in locations such as USA, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, and Scotland to name a few.  I reached British schoolboy level with great results throughout. It’s so clear to see where my love for travel and adventure has derived.  I’m curious, I thrive on new faces and places, and I would be delighted to have you along with me on my journey!

I would often enter the UK Supercross series, it was a very different style of racing to the outdoors and created unbelievable atmospheres.  Generally, all qualifications would take place during the day with the arenas becoming alive with spectators for finals night.  I am very fashion driven and always have been so for the finals my mum would often make me and my cousin matching kit, very vivacious kit at that.  My favourite being the cow hyde pants we wore in Sheffield one year!  This vibrant choice depicted my outgoing nature, similarly to Stolen Goat’s range which is very fitting for my fun, alternative and gregarious personality.

Road cycling

During the latter part of my education, I ran cross country in the Birmingham League and rode a mountain bike and road bike whenever and wherever I could, fulfilling my bike needs and enabling me to explore new territories.  In this period I also completed twenty-four hours on a road bike and completed the Bath to Birmingham leg of a family charity ride from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Upon completion of my degree in Nottingham where I studied Quantity Surveying and Commercial Construction Management, my attention turned completely to road cycling where I advanced from a 4th category rider to a 2nd category rider in five months, taking my first win after only three races.  I have since become Mike Jones Trophy Champion and achieved numerous notable results both regionally and nationally.  I am training part time, looking to dedicate even more hours to becoming elite in 2018.

I ride and spend time with many cyclists and triathletes throughout Europe including; Spain, Portugal and France.  I love to Vlog, Blog and photograph my life on my bike. I am currently collating recent footage of a family trip to the French Alps where my father and cousin raced in the Alp D’huez Triathlon which was an incredible trip to be a part of.

Racing and riding bikes is my life. I have determination, hunger for success and dedication in unmeasurable amounts and am certain I will do anything to satisfy my desires and achieve my dreams.