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Lockdown and a forever changing 2020 - Andrew Horsfall-Turner

by Foxy on July 07, 2020

Leading into 2020 motivation was high off the back of Ironman Wales 2019 with a qualifying place for the Ironman World Championships (Kona) 2020. I was excited to race, I took 5minutes off my half marathon PB in February at the Surrey Half, and I was beginning to build up to my first race of the season 70.3 Aux En Provance.

No one could have anticipated how quickly the UK (and world) moved from ‘business as usual’ to a complete lockdown and for most confined to the house and very local area. The world pandemic has had a huge impact for everyone in the county and around the world. Therefore, staying home really is a very small part I could play to help support our country get COVID-19 under control. 

What followed is races one by one being cancelled/postponed and inevitably my A race (Kona) being moved to February 2021. As an athlete, I have always found the next race/goal as a real motivating factor to keep the training high, and to stay focused and in routine. With no short term goals to target the long term goals (11months away) needed to be broken down and focused on. This has been a challenge for athletes everywhere, but while reflecting on this it actually gets me very excited. The thing that I have always valued highly is the day to day process of training, and although the near future wasn’t certain, in the long term races would return so it was important not to completely lose sight of the long term goals and appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to still train. 

Therefore it became simple, focus on what I could do, not what I couldn’t! I downloaded Zwift for the first time and set to find some real consistent saddle time, I used my one exercise a day to get my run sessions done (or a walk on days off running) and I supplemented any swimming training with some core and shoulder work with bands. With all the indoor training, it’s been great to still have the support of some great nutrition with regular packages through my door, with electrolytes, energy gels/powders and recovery fuels. I’m not sure some of the 4hour plus turbos would have been possible without!

Now that restrictions have been lifted, we are allowed back in the water (Open Water only at the moment) there are glimpses of being able to still races this year. I have three events still on the schedule for September/October and if I’m able to even race one of these events I’ll be ecstatic!  


  • Ironman 70.3 Nice
  • Outlaw X 
  • Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg

2020 so far has not been the year that anyone has expected or anticipated, but it’s been great to see how people have reacted and adapted to it. Some have backed off training to just exercising, others have been challenging themselves with home marathons and Everesting on the bike. I have been inspired by a lot of people and I like to think I have found a nice middle ground. I have been continuing to challenge myself and to continue my progression as a Triathlete. Thekey thing for me is that when races are 100% confirmed, I will be physically in great shape and psychologically fresh ready to go!