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MDS 2019 'Highway to Hell'

by Foxy on April 04, 2019

Our very own CoFounder Des takes part in the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco next week. Marathon des Sables, or MdS, is a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) Ultra Marathon which is approximately the distance of six regular marathons. The longest single stage is 91 km (57 mi) long. This race is completed totally self-supportive including all food, cooking, cleaning and sleeping equipment. The only thing the organiser provide is a canopy to sleep under each night and water. It's known as being ‘The Hardest Foot Race on Earth’!!!  Des has been training hard all winter (not ideal temp for the desert ️️⛈, he has been ran over, chased by dogs, pulled a few muscles and last weekend thought it was all over when he went over on his ankle from just walking! Since this he has been recovering well and doing some sessions in a heat chamber to start the acclimatisation early:

The race starts at 9am Sunday, and you can tune in to watch the live feed as it’s an amazing spectacle, Des will be totally off the grid for a week but you can track his progress and send any supportive emails via the organisers website at Des has a GPS trackers and his Race number is 519, this only goes live sometime on Saturday morning so there probably won’t be anything there other than basic info until then. The organisers have said on rare occasions the tracker may lose signal or have battery power issues. This is usually a short term issue and should not be a concern for anyone following the race. Runner’s positions are updated approximately every 10 minutes and it is not unusual for a competitors position to remain static for a while.

For those who know Des well he can be quite competitive his plan is to ease gently in to the race then when used to heat to settle down and to then make some ground and of course follow his fuelling strategy. 

Finally, Des is very proud to have teamed up with a close friend and endurance racing ‘sparring partner’ Jason Wilkes for a joint fundraising campaign for ‘The Ethan Maul Foundation’, Ethan was a little boy who lost his battle to cancer, the money goes to help children and families who are also affected by cancer. Any amount no matter how small would be amazing and greatly appreciated. Donations can be given by clicking here and he will be giving it his all to not to let anyone down.

Thanks very much everyone and Des will write a news story update once he reaches the other side….