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National 50 m TT! RealRacingDoris

by Cheryl Fox on September 29, 2020

Hey Guys, Emily Meakin aka RealRacingDoris, your National 50m TT Champion here! I am a Time Trial specialist for The Independent Pedaler, and Road Race for UCI Team Drops Cycling!

What a journey this entire race was, it certainly didn’t just feel like 50miles!

With all of the CTT championships jammed into 5 consecutive weekends, it’s been so important to nail the cycle of recovery, train, rest and freshen up for the next one the following weekend!

To keep hydrated I was sipping on ‘Precision 1000 orange’ alday, as well as my having my ultimate snack – the BOUNCE Balls – peanut butter flavour!! SO delicious!

(Photo credit: Will Tyrer Photography)

Race Morning

Breakfast for me was 100g OATs – Lean Protein Powder 15g (PhD) water, splash of milk, peanut butter, and honey! (Jam packed with extra calories,with a huge demanding 2hour effort coming up, I wanted to take all the extra Kcals I could.

Time to digest it and sign on, which was done in the pitch black – so strange thinking we were racing in a few hours

I went back to our Air BnB to warm up, which was such a good idea! I had set my bike up on the turbo the night before, and got everything ready – bottles, skin suit, and (here is my secret weapon) – my CAMLEBAK! (I’ll explain in more detail below!). It also meant I avoided all the wet carpark mayhem where we normally find ourselves warming up, struggling to find everything out of the boot of your car! I also go the support and morale of Kyle Gordon (who later went on to win the men’s event, despite crashing midway and making a dash for the ditch!), and boyfriend and Coach John Archibald (who crashed out of the race in the first mile! L) It was such a nice environment to get warmed up, ready and focused!

Whilst warming up I had a pre-work out bottle and a caffeine gel from OTE.  John then whizzed me down to the race holding pen in the car, where I was actually the last rider off!


(Photo credit: Will Tyrer Photography)
Race Nutrition:

I mentioned above my Camelbak – I used the Maurten Drink Mix! The idea behind this is not only to quench my thirst and dry mouth when riding at high power for so long, but to take advantage of the amazing amount of CHO in this drink! Providing me with 79g CHO for the event that lasted 1hr 47mins!
The closer you are to your lactate threshold you are predominantly burning CHO, so when I started I was confident that my glycogen stores were full, so I would last an hour maybe 90mins, however being longer and not wanting to fade, I knew I wanted to keep my body topped up! It is important to appreciate that you can only absorb up to ~90g  of CHO per hour, which is why it was important to sip at the drink constantly, not to just take on the amount in one go. I don’t think that would go down well, and your body would be shocked – so this is why I chose this drink and nutrition strategy! My Kilojoule expenditure for the ride was  1621KJ.

(Photo credit: James Huntley)

After the race I had a SiS Chocolate Recovery Sachet with water to aid recovery straight away, knowing I’ve another big race coming up on the following Sunday!

With the current COVID times, the results aren’t published at the HQ it’s all electronic, so I didn’t know any results when I first got back to the car, but upon finding my phone I guessed I had won with all the messages from the eagle eye followers closing watching the results come in!

This one meant so much as I went through so many peak and troughs before the start! It feels like a win within myself as an athlete being able to manage a situation where you go through so mixed emotions within the race but you keep the faith, have confidence in your body, legs and the training that you’ve been doing! I really wanted this one and had mentally prepared for this win!

(Photo credit: Will Tyrer Photography)

Massive Thanks to KOM Fuel for the constant support and believing in me! The Nutrition available to me is second to none and I am massively grateful!

(P.s I am not a nutritionist this is just merely my view based on research and what works for me)