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OceanLava Lanzarote 2021 Olympic distance - Jorge Wilkes

by Cheryl Fox on October 23, 2021
Leading up to the race I was actually thinking of not racing due to some illness I had a few days before, however in my mind I said I haven’t come all the way from Loughborough just to have a holiday, I came to race and show what I’ve been doing at Loughborough.
The day of the race I felt a bit lethargic. Although I still wanted to race and give it ago. 
I got into transition where I left my bike the night before, and the nerves started to build as I got closer to the start line. Sipping on my pre race energy drink which is High5 Energy drink and a SIS Caffeine drink.
Before the start I took a Gu Gel just so I woke up before the 9:00 am start. So at 9:00 am the other athlete and I started with a 1.5km swim. I felt great through the whole swim and finally got once came out the water in 1st!! (18:00min).
I ran into transition got on my Scott foil and cycled 42km (non drafting) on my own, I took 2 Gu caffeine energy gels so I could maintain a good pace and although others were catching (on TT bikes) I still managed to keep the lead. (1:00:54)
Racked my bike and ran at a comfortable pace for the entire 10km (38:20), used a GU caffeine energy gel to get me through and maintained 1st place !! Before crossing the finish I thought wow it’s good to be on top of the podium again.