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Andrew Horsfall-Turner's Winter Fun & Goodwood Marathon!

Andrew Horsfall-Turner's Winter Fun & Goodwood Marathon!

Andrew Horsfall-Turners Winter Fun & Goodwood Marathon!

Unfortunately, the last race of my season (Ironman California) was called off due to a cyclone, which meant 40mph and rain (in Sacramento - it just doesn’t rain). This had me a little deflated as I didn’t have the opportunity to finish the season with one final effort. 

Chatting with my coaches we decided that I should target a Marathon in December....
by Cheryl Fox on January 09, 2022
Jo Meek's Musings about her Marathon

Jo Meek's Musings about her Marathon

My first race of 2021. Those pre-race nerves had been long forgotten but this time were welcomed. I get horribly sweaty palms even after 20years of racing! The old routine fell into line as I got up at 5. Had a coffee and then left home to travel 2hours to the race which started at 9. We all queued up to get our bib numbers 2m apart. It felt great to pin on a bib number again.

by Cheryl Fox on April 29, 2021



Komfuel started in 2016 with two athletes James Fox and Des McManus, both who strive to achieve their very best when training and competing. James and Des very much have a passion for sports, from achieving personal bests, podium finishes, or King of the Mountain (KOM). James and Des realised athletes all have different needs and there were so many different sports nutrition products available but not always in the quantities you would necessarily need or that maybe suited you.




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