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Mountain Fuel Nutrition Pack
Mountain Fuel Nutrition Pack

Mountain Fuel Nutrition Pack


Looking for the ultimate fuel to rule that covers your exericse needs? Then look no further than the Mountain Fuel Nutrition Pack from Komfuel. This selection contains a mix of the premium Mountain Fuel range - designed for runners, cyclists and triathletes - this is for everyone and anyone! 

Offering you the widest range of variety in a number of flavours*.

    What does this Gift Set contain?
      • Mountain Fuel Sports Jelly (x3) - These are not jelly blocks, they are like a liquid jelly. Mountain Fuel's unique formula encapsulates the carbohydrate in a natural hydrogel enabling it to pass smoothly through your stomach to deliver sustained energy without the gut bombs that can be associated with traditional sports gels.
      • Mountain Fuel Feel Good Bar (x3) - This is not your usual bar or flapjack, you can actually eat it on the go, it's light but energy dense and very easy on the stomach. Delivering hours of energy. This is what that elite racers actually use to train and race with
      • Mountain Fuel Extreme Energy Fuel Sachet (x3) - Easy on the stomach, tastes great and rapidly energises your body delivering a sustained energy release, whatever the intensity of exercise. This balanced combination of ingredients helps to spare glycogen and reduce muscle damage, making it more than just an energy drink.

    *Each selection will come with a mix of flavours. If you would prefer certain flavours then please get in touch or leave a comment in the notes section at checkout.

    **If you would like this item gift wrapped then please leave a comment in the notes at checkout.

    Please note this offer will run whilst stocks last.