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Beet It Sport Beetroot Nitrate 3000 Concentrate
  • SKU: S-BAT-EDRI-BT3000

Beet It Sport Beetroot Nitrate 3000 Concentrate


If convenience is less of a concern and you're able to store in a fridge, then our Nitrate 3000 is the best way to buy. Packing in at least 3000mg of nitrate per bottle, the 250ml Nitrate 3000 contains 7 suggested servings.

Ingested dietary nitrate is converted to nitrite by bacteria on the tongue. Nitrate is absorbed into the blood and is converted to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is known to play a number of important roles in the regulation of blood flow and metabolism.

Product Details
  • Informed Sport
  • Trusted by Sports Elite
  • 3000mg of Natural Nitrates
  • Simple Ingredients
  • Low Fat
Kom Advice

Mix 35ml with breakfast cereal, yoghurt or smoothie, or simply add to your water bottle for use over a long distance.

One 35ml serving contains the equivalent level of nitrate of one 70ml Nitrate 400 or two Beetroot Flapjacks.

Dosing Guidelines

Consume 1-2 servings one to three hours before training and for up to 6 days prior to competition.

Nutritional Information

(per 100g)

Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000 Nutritional Info.png


100% concentrated beetroot juice; no added preservatives.