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          Komfuel is relentlessly passionate about competition, especially the sporting kind. We love helping people to go faster, go further, to be the best they can be.

          We apply this to ourselves, to our company, and to our customers. Everyone at KOM, and each one of our customer are here to give it their all.

          Komfuel clothing and accessories have been sourced and manufactured by some of the leading apparel and equipment brands to support our customers go beyond their limits.

          For those that want to push themselves, better themselves, and beat the competition, we deliver.

          Clothing & Accessories (13)

          Komfuel MAX 600ml Sports Bottle


          Komfuel Snapback


          Komfuel Swim Cap


          Enertor Base Layer Top


          Enertor Recovery Socks


          Enertor Energy Run Socks


          Enertor Comfort Heel Cups


          Enertor Performance Insoles


          Komfuel Buff


          Mule Bar 60ml Silicone Flask


          Enertor Base Layer Shorts


          Enertor Comfort 3/4 Length Insoles


          Enertor Comfort Insoles

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