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An awesome selection of energy bars to help you fuel your way. Energy bars are a great way to get energy quickly in to the body for training or events.

Energy Bars (17)

Clif Bar Energy Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate


Enervit Sport Competition Bar Banana Vanilla


Enervit Sport Competition Bar Banana Vanilla (Short Dated)


Hard Bar Banana Bread


High5 Energy Bar Banana


High5 Energy Bar Banana (Short Dated)


Mighty Bee Bananito Bar Banoffee


Mighty Bee Bananito Bar Cashew Cookie


Mighty Bee Bananito Bar Coconut Delight


Mighty Bee Bananito Bar Peanut Crunch


Mule Bar Energy Fruit Pulp Banana


NamedSport Energy Bar Banana Bar


NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar Fruit Caribe Bar


OTE Banana Anytime Bar


Powerbar Banana Punch Energize Bar


Powerbar REAL5 Vegan Energy Bar Banana Hazelnut


SiS GO Energy Bake Banana