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An awesome selection of energy bars to help you fuel your way. Energy bars are a great way to get energy quickly in to the body for training or events.

Energy Bars (13)

Enervit Sport Competition Bar Apricot


Enervit Sport Competition Bar Orange


Enervit Sport Performance Bar Lemon Cream


Mace Bar Lime & Coconut


Mace Bar Yoghurt & Blueberry Crisp


NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar Fruit-Tango Bar


NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Bar Yellow Fruits Bar


Outdoor Provisions Bara Brith


Raw Velo Organic Energy Bar Chocolate Orange Bar


SiS Go Energy + Protein Bar Chocolate Orange


Stealth Citrus Orange & Pineapple Juice Bar


Veloforte Classico


Veloforte Zenzero