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          MAD products are carefully selected to provide optimum performance to help you get the most out of you, or your clients, or customer’s chosen exercise routine.

          The majority of ‘MAD’ products are designed for commercial use, their equipment is widely used by leading Studios, Clubs and Fitness Professionals.

          Fitness Mad (39)

          Fitness Mad PinPoint Trigger Ball


          Rehband RX Kinesiology Tape


          Fitness Mad Speed Skipping Rope (Boxed)


          Fitness Mad Mini Power Loops - Set Of 5


          Fitness Mad Hand Therapy Ball Set Of 3


          Fitness Mad Reaction Ball Large 9cm


          Fitness Mad Resistance Band With User Guide - Strong


          Fitness Mad Pro Handweight 2 X 0.75Kg


          Fitness Mad Neoprene Wrist/Ankle Weights 2 X 0.5kg


          Fitness Mad Stretch Fitness Mat 10mm


          Fitness Mad 4Kg Neo Dumbbells - Black


          Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer - Strong


          Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer - Extra Strong


          Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer - Medium


          Fitness Mad Push Up Stands (Pair)


          Fitness Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat 6mm


          Fitness Mad Squat Bands - Set of 3


          Fitness Mad Squat Band - Large 86cm


          Fitness Mad Squat Band - Medium 76cm


          Fitness Mad Squat Band - Small 66cm

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