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'Super' Gel Set
'Super' Gel Set

'Super' Gel Set


Can't get enough of carb-loaded gels or know somebody who can't? Then look no further than the 'Super' Gel Set from Komfuel. This selection contains our most premium energy gels - designed to maximise your training for performance in races to come. 

All Gels contain at least 25g of carbohydrates to keep you fuelled to rule. 

    What does this Gift Set contain?
      • Maurten Gel 100 (x3) - This is the GEL. It's a biopolymer matrix, filled with a special blend of fructose and glucose (ratio of 0.8:1) which enables uptakes of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour.
      • OTE Super Gel (x3) - Delivers 40g of carbohydrate per 66g gel; that’s right that is DOUBLE the energy of a standard gel! This is your go to gel when a big hit of energy is required but with limited time to consume it.
      • SiS Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gel (x3) - Optimised with a brand new 1:0.8 ratio of 40g carbohydrate to enhance your mental and physical power output, increase your body's carbohydrate usage efficiency, and limit gastrointestinal discomfort to deliver a scientifically superior fuel.
      • Precision Hydration PF 30 Gel (x3) The most efficient way to get 30g of carbohydrate into your system fast. The all-natural PF 30 Gel can be used on its own during shorter durations, or combined with other PF fueling products or real foods when going longer. 

    *Each selection will come with a mix of flavours. If you would prefer certain flavours then please get in touch or leave a comment in the notes section at checkout.

    **If you would like this item gift wrapped then please leave a comment in the notes at checkout.

    Please note this offer will run whilst stocks last.