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        Fitness Equipment

          Leaping Fish provide environmentally-friendly products to help all sports-people who want to enjoy their activities without damaging their world.

          Their products contain only natural ingredients and where possible are vegan for a sustainable future. Bringing you the best quality and excellent ingredients that will last a long time creating great value.

          Leaping Fish (8)

          Leaping Fish Cyclists Chamois Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Triathletes Skin & Suit Lube 60g


          Leaping Fish Runners Rub Skin Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Ramblers Rub Skin Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Rowers Rub Skin Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Surfers Skin Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Face Mask Balm 60g


          Leaping Fish Muscle Rub Skin Balm 60g

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