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      There are only two ingredients in Lucho Dillitos Classic bocadillo: guava (85%) and sugar (15%). Nothing else – no additives, no preservatives, no flavourings. Our two new flavours have added raspberry and ground coffee. Even the individual packaging is natural: each bocadillo comes wrapped in a biodegradable dry leaf!

      Lucho Dillitos (7)

      Lucho Dillitos Raspberry Guava


      Lucho Dillitos Raspberry Guava 10 Pack


      Lucho Dillitos Coffee Guava 10 Pack


      Lucho Dillitos Coffee Guava (Short Dated)


      Lucho Dillitos Guava and Vanilla – Lean Protein Shake Pouch


      Lucho Dillitos Classic Guava 10 Pack (Short Dated)


      Lucho Dillitos Açai Guava 10 Pack (Short Dated)