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Mule Bar Salted Caramel Refill Bottle Gel (444g)
Mule Bar Salted Caramel Refill Bottle Gel (444g)

Mule Bar Salted Caramel Refill Bottle Gel (444g)


Mule Bar 444g Refill Bottle Gel can make up to 12 x 37g energy gels or make up to 6 litres of energy drink.

An awesome energy gel packing a punch for those long distances. Each 108 calorie serving offers around 25g of carbohydrate, and 150mg of sodium; made from brown rice syrup and in scrumptious salted caramel flavour.

Contains Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAA can support by boosting muscle growth, enhancing exercise performance and reducing fatigue. Perfect for long distances and endurance events.

Mulebar introduced re-usable energy gel pouches, selling the product in refill bottles that can be dispensed into 37g pouches to cut down on plastic.

Product Details

  • BCAA (perfect for long distance)
  • Reclosable cap
  • Easy to digest
  • Economical with 12 gels in a 444g bottle
  • Practical with the refill bottle being easier to carry than powder
Kom Advice

For making up a drink use the guide on the side of the Mule Bar Refill Bottle Gel, add one serving of 37g from you Mule Bar Refill Bottle to your Komfuel drinks sports bottle mixed with 500mls of water.

For making up you energy gel/s refill your empty mule bar tubes or use one of the handy Mule Bar Refillable Silicon Flasks. Consume one gel 45 minutes before exercise and at 45 minute intervals dependant upon the intensity of physical demand.

Nutritional Information



Energy kJ 1219 451
Calories kCal 290 108
Fat (g) 0,3 0,1
of which saturate (g) 0 0
Carbohydrate (g) 68 25
of which sugars (g) 52,7 19,5
Fibre (g) 1,3 0,5
Protein (g) 2,6 1
Salt (g) 1 0,4
Sodium (mg) 410 150

Brown rice syrup, Agave Syrup, Cocoa, Skimmed milk powder, Pink Himalayan Salt crystals, natural flavoring.