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      Precision Fuel & Hydration was launched in 2011 after years working with elite athletes and technology partners to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs.

      What is a hypotonic sports drink? Hypotonic sports drinks have a lower concentration - or thickness - than your blood. This makes them absorb faster than isotonic (similar concentration) and hypertonic (higher concentration) sports drinks, making them ideal for rehydration. Precision Hydration electrolyte supplements are all hypotonic. 

      Which sports drink is right for me? Precision sports hydration drinks come in 3 different formats to suit each athlete's needs. We have all natural, 3% carbohydrate drink mixes in single-serving, waterproof packets; almost zero-calorie effervescent tablets in weight/space efficient tubes and blister-packed salt capsules designed to be swallowed whole with water on the move. 

      Hyponatremia is a condition caused by a dilution of your blood sodium levels. It's fairly common in endurance athletes because when we sweat we lose sodium and - over prolonged periods of exercise - replacing enough of what we're losing can be hard. Just drinking plain water or weak sports drinks can further dilute blood sodium levels, so adequate sodium supplmentation is important during longer events like Ironman triathlons or ultramarathons. Symptoms of hyponatremia include nausea, headaches and fatigue.

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      Precision Hydration 1500 Electrolyte Drink Mix


      Precision Hydration 1000 Electrolyte Drink Mix


      Precision Hydration 500 Electrolyte Drink Mix


      Precision Hydration 250 Sweat Salts


      Precision Hydration H2Pro 1500


      Precision Hydration H2Pro 1000


      Precision Hydration H2Pro 500


      PF 30 Gel


      PF 30 Caffeine Gel


      PF 90 Gel


      PF 30 Drink Mix


      PF Sample Pack