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                Together we make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but for all chocolate worldwide. To help us get there we have created a roadmap that outlines our long-term goals. Every year we take (small and large) steps that move us towards these goals. Our roadmap consists of three pillars:

                • Tony's creates awareness - We want all choco fans to be aware of the inequality in the chocolate industry. If retailers and choco fans actively demand slave-free chocolate, chocolate companies will need to listen and make that happen.
                • Tony's leads by example - We invest in long-term partnerships with farmer cooperatives and help them professionalize. We pay cocoa farmers a higher price and invest in agricultural knowledge and training to help them improve productivity on their farms so they can earn a decent income. And last but not least, we make chocolate with traceable cocoa.
                • Tony's inspires to act - We inspire other key players to take action and are actively seeking partners who would be interested in applying our model. We do this by showing the impact we’re making, sharing lessons we’ve learned and by always being open to a good conversation.. while enjoying a piece of chocolate of course!

                We can't do it alone. Alone we make slave free chocolate, together we make all chocolate 100% slave free. The more people that choose slave free and spread our message, the sooner 100% slave free will be the norm in chocolate. We all need to roll up our sleeves.

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