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Free Shippping For Order Over £20

32Gi Cramp Assult Electrolyte Gel Salted Caramel
32Gi Cramp Assult Electrolyte Gel Salted Caramel

32Gi Cramp Assult Electrolyte Gel Salted Caramel

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CRAMP ASSALT is a complex advanced electrolyte gel with an anti-cramp trigger. Supplying a high sodium full electrolyte spectrum to bolster and maximize hydration. It contains capsicum annum to act as a neuro-muscular trigger which has shown in some scenarios it reduces or stops muscle contraction and spasms when they happen.

Product Details

The first easy to carry convenient to use electrolyte gel - Contains a unique mineral complex to maximize hydration - High Sodium Content - Neuro- muscular Anti-Cramp Trigger - Anti-Fatigue
The 32Gi Cramp Assalt can be used before and during exercise. Gel intake will vary depending on an individuals fluid loss due to sweat during exercise.

Kom Advice

1-2 hydration gels per an hour (depends on sweat loss levels based on individual and temperature) Consume water separately with the gel Test during training.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Per Serving (10g) NRV%


311 kcals


31 kcals

Fat 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 77g 7.7g
of which sugar 48g 4.8g
Protein 1.2g 0.12g
L-Glutamine  7.2g 720mg
Total Sodium 1840mg 184mg
Potassium 690mg 69mg
Magnesium 400mg 40mg 11%
Vitamin C 280mg 28mg 28%
Calcium 200mg 20mg 1.54%
Vitamin D3 1000iU 100iu 16.67%


Rice syrup, water, sodium citrate, L-Glutamine, Potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, vitamin C, calcium carbonate, natural flavour, sodium chloride, capsicum annuum (cayenne), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, vitamin D3.