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Free Shippping For Order Over £20

Active Root Natural Ginger Sports Drink Original Ginger

Active Root Natural Ginger Sports Drink Original Ginger

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Active Root Natural Ginger sports drink gives a refreshing and light taste. All Active Root products contain the perfect amount of ginger to keep your stomach settled and prevent bloating.

Product Details

Having a settled stomach minimises symptoms of nausea and discomfort. Allowing you to fuel and hydrate more effectively which means you feel better and therefore performing to a higher standard. 

As well as using ginger Active Root believe that natural ingredients are vital to a settled stomach and optimum performance. Active Root use whole ingredients, no chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Active Root endeavour to boost your output through - Balance, Fuel and Hydration.

  • Balance - Ginger alleviates stomach discomfort before, during and after activities 
  • Fuel - Natural unbleached cane sugar provides you with clean carbohydrate fuel
  • Hydration - Contains natural sea salt that helps replace electrolytes lost in sweat
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-free and suitable for Vegans

Kom Advice

A sachet contains 1 (35g) serving of Active Root. Just pour sachet into a 500-700ml sports bottle, stir thoroughly until fully mixed, then you're ready to go.