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GU Roctane Energy Gel Blueberry Pomegranate
GU Roctane Energy Gel Blueberry Pomegranate (Short Dated)

GU Roctane Energy Gel Blueberry Pomegranate (Short Dated)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has a BEST BEFORE date expiring either during or before the end of December 2021.

Created for intense training and competition, GU Roctane Energy Gel stands out from original GU Energy Gel with more sodium, an electrolyte that aids in hydration, and even more branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, and isoleucine) that reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage than the original GU Energy Gel.

Further Information

The amino acid beta-alanine helps promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine, while ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate helps support muscle repair. The 100-calorie packets contain carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while reducing stomach distress. Watch the video below for more information around the Roctane gels 👇

Product Details
  • 100 Calories
  • 125mg Sodium
  • 35mg Caffeine
  • 1425mg Amino Acids
Kom Advice

We advise consuming one Roctane Energy Gel every 30-45 minutes during long duration or high intensity activities.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients