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Enertor Comfort Insoles

Enertor Comfort Insoles


Made from our revolutionary material from the heel to the forefoot, ENERTOR® Comfort insoles provide instant relief and long-term protection.

Further Information

These insoles can be inserted into almost all shoe types and are designed to provide relief when walking or running. They are suitable for people who do not require significant arch support or prefer a neutral feel.

The insoles have been tested extensively by independent experts and the British Armed forces and are the only insoles proven to help heal Plantar Fasciitis. They are suitable for diabetics and those recently recovering from leg surgery. The insoles improve muscle function, reduce pain and fatigue and are extremely flexible.

Product Details
  • Flat profile, without arch support
  • Proven to help heal Plantar Fasciitis
  • Full-length shock-absorption, spreads the load across the whole foot
  • Fits into work, casual or sports shoes
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Mandated as the only shock-absorbing insole to be used by the British Armed Forces
  • Durable - lasts over 7 times as long as standard insoles
  • Improves muscle function, reduces fatigue
  • Certified Class1 Medical device
  • Suitable for diabetics and those recently recovering from leg surgery