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McNett Black Witch Quick Drying Neoprene Adhesive
McNett Black Witch Quick Drying Neoprene Adhesive

McNett Black Witch Quick Drying Neoprene Adhesive


Black Witch is a ready to use, solvent based, contact adhesive tested and approved as the only product suitable for use as the cut end sealant for SABREX®. Black Witch also exhibits excellent adhesion to neoprene, rubber and various types of flexible plastics and is therefore suitable for fast repairs to Neoprene wet suits and other water sports equipment.

Further Information

Due to its fast flash off and long open period, bonds may be made over a wide range of open times and the fast-cure time of approx. 1 to 2 hours is especially suitable for quick in-field repairs. After cure, Black Witch exhibits good flexibility and resistance against heat, weathering, ageing, moisture and UV light.

Product Details
  • 28ml per tube
  • Quick drying
  • Resists heat
  • Resists weathering
  • Resists ageing
  • Resists moisture
  • Resists UV light
How to use for Neoprene repairs

Step 1: Apply Black Witch with a short, stiff brush. - Apply a thin even coat of adhesive to both surfaces.

Step 2: When surfaces become 'touch dry' (i.e. adhesive is glossy and no longer transfers to the knuckles) align the bond edges and bond under maximum pressure.
If possible continue to maintain the jointed surfaces under pressure until Black Witch is cured in approximately one to two hours. Fully test all repairs prior to product use. Note: The full technical cure period is approximately three days. In case of contact with hands wash using brush soap and water.

How to use with SABREX

Use Black Witch as a cut-end sealant for SABREX®. Note:- SABREX® is also known as FLCC in some markets.
Black Witch should be applied to the exposed face of the bottom sheath beneath the explosive and liner.

Apply with a brush or stick. It should be worked into the black foam material until the foam cells are filled and covered with a smooth shiny coating that is uniform and continuous from edge to edge. - Black Witch should be allowed to cure for approximately one to two (1-2) hours before SABREX immersion. - Once opened, the 28g tube of Black Witch should be consumed within 30 days.