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Veloforte Solo
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Veloforte Solo (Short Dated)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has a BEST BEFORE date expiring either during or before the end of May 2022.

This all natural, real hydration and electrolyte drink mix is clean and beautifully light tasting to keep you replenished and your palate fresh, throughout the day.

Further Information

Created with real fruit, Solo supplies superb natural hydration capable of supporting your working muscles and keeping your digestion happy. Boosted with a touch of Stevia a natural sweetener ground from the leaves of the Stevia plant.... no extra calories and a delicious natural fruity taste.

Sodium & Potassium - vital electrolytes, lost as you sweat, play an important role in maintaining blood pressure, fluid balance and nutrient transport to your cells - helping maintain optimal hydration & performance.

No added sugars - 5g carbohydrates within each sachet are derived from naturally occurring sugars within the dried coconut water & freeze dried fruits.

Product Details
  • Vegan
  • Nut free
  • All Natura
  • Gluten free
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamin C
Kom Advice

Brilliant for short high-intensity sessions & long low-intensity exercise. Drink before, during & after to optimise your workout. When mixed with 500ml of water, each sachet becomes a hypotonic sports drink providing 350mg of sodium, 240mg of potassium and as little as 5g of carbohydrate.

Mix a single 7g sachet with 500ml of cold water & shake well. Consume within 24 hours. Simple.

  • 500ml 1-2 hours before prolonged or intense exercise
  • 150-200ml immediately before you begin
  • 500-750ml per hour during extended exercise
  • <500ml within 20 minutes of finishing exercise
Nutritional Information

Dried coconut water, freeze-dried Apricot powder, pink Himalayan Salt, Sage extract, Stevia leaf extract.